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Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Defying Odds: Prof. Laura M. Lechuga's Journey from Sexism to Optical Biosensor Expert

by Àlex Argemí

Optica (formerly OSA) has published a remarkable article detailing the life and accomplishments of Prof. Laura M. Lechuga, a Spanish scientist who overcame sexism to become a leading figure in optical biosensors. The article delves into her career, achievements, and her commitment to mentoring young female scientists.

Discover the inspiring story of CSIC Prof. Laura M. Lechuga, who faced discrimination and sexism early in her career but rose to become a global expert in optical biosensors. Despite encountering sexist attitudes in her first job interview, she persevered, developing her skills in chemistry, optics, and plasmonics.

Today, as the Group Leader of the ICN2 Nanobiosensors and Bioanalytical Applications Group, Prof. Lechuga has made significant contributions to the field, including the development of a point-of-care detector for COVID-19. She remains dedicated to supporting and mentoring young female scientists, sharing her wisdom and experiences to help them succeed in their careers.

Read the full story at the Optica Community to learn more about her journey: