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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

La Vanguardia organises a colloquium celebrating female achievements in science

by Àlex Argemí

La Vanguardia, a prominent Spanish newspaper, organised a colloquium on the 28th of March at Hotel Seventy in Barcelona to celebrate female achievements in science and promote discussions on gender equality, diversity, and innovation in science and technology. The event featured Dr Neus Bastús as one of the esteemed panelists.

The event commemorated the 120th anniversary of Marie Curie's first Nobel Prize, acknowledging the significant role of women in science over the decades. The colloquium emphasised the increasing presence of women in technology, science, sustainability, and innovation, while acknowledging that there is still work to be done in achieving gender equity in these fields.

Dr. Neus Bastús, , Senior Researcher in the Inorganic Nanoparticle Group and Chair of the ICN2 Equal Opportunities Committee, Dr Marta Melé, a computational biologist researcher at BSC and a recipient of the For Women in Science award, and Dr Vanesa Blanch, Director of Innovation at Mercadona, shared their insights on the obstacles and barriers women face in the scientific and technological sectors. They highlighted the importance of fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment to drive innovation and create a more equitable society.

During the event, the panelists highlighted the importance of dismantling gender discrimination to pave the way for a more equal society. They reiterated the sentiment expressed by Rane Johnson, former Microsoft Research Director, who pointed out the negative impact of a lack of diversity in innovation almost a decade ago.

The ICN2's ongoing commitment to gender equality and diversity was evident in Dr. Bastús' participation in the colloquium. The institution's focus on these issues serves as an essential step towards creating a more inclusive scientific community and fostering groundbreaking innovation that benefits society as a whole.

This is the video of the full event: