Molecular Spectroscopy and Optical Microscopy Facility

The ICN2 Molecular Spectroscopy and Microscopy Facility is a set of laboratories providing access to state-of-the-art equipment for the physicochemical and structural characterisation of materials at the macro and nano scales. In addition to routine analyses, it also provides a range of highly demanding techniques and applications, thereby meeting researchers' need for basic and specific scientific analysis.

Besides technical support and training for user-operated equipment, facility members also conduct case studies to inform and advise researchers and/or develop devices that enhance the performance of existing equipment.

Available techniques

  • FT-IR spectroscopy and microscopy

  • UV-vis spectroscopy

  • Dynamic light scattering and zeta potential

  • Optical microscopy

  • Fluorescence microscopy

  • Static contact angle

Advanced optical microscopy

The ICN2 has in its facilities an Axio Observer Z1m optical microscope (ZEISS). This is a high resolution and versatile inverted optical microscope which allows the user to gain accurate and reliable knowledge about a wide range of sample types, like nano/micro-sized materials, nano/microscopic devices, living cells, etc..

FT-IR Spectroscopy

IR spectroscopy is based in the absorption of infrared radiation leading to a transition from one vibrational mode to a higher energy one. The frequencies that are absorbed by the molecules are characteristic of their structure. So, this technique is a powerful tool for qualitative analysis, although it can also be used quantitatively.

Though based in the same physical phenomena regarding the interaction between radiation and matter, today’s IR spectrometers have evolved in the way they irradiate the sample, replacing the former monochromators for interferometers, giving rise to the faster Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR).