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Laura Mondragón Martínez

Visiting Technician
Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC)
Inorganic Nanoparticles



  • Role of Common Cell Culture Media Supplements on Citrate-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticle Protein Corona Formation, Aggregation State, and the Consequent Impact on Cellular Uptake

    Barbero F., Michelini S., Moriones O.H., Patarroyo J., Rosell J., F. Gusta M., Vitali M., Martín L., Canals F., Duschl A., Horejs-Hoeck J., Mondragón L., Bastús N.G., Puntes V. Bioconjugate Chemistry; 33 (8): 1505 - 1514. 2022. 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.2c00232.

    Sodium citrate-stabilized gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are destabilized when dispersed in cell culture media (CCMs). This may promote their aggregation and subsequent sedimentation, or under the proper conditions, their interaction with dispersed proteins can lead to the formation of a NP-stabilizing protein corona. CCMs are ionic solutions that contain growth substances which are typically supplemented, in addition to serum, with different substances such as dyes, antioxidants, and antibiotics. In this study, the impact of phenol red, penicillin-streptomycin, l-glutamine, and β-mercaptoethanol on the formation of the NP-protein corona in CCMs was investigated. Similar protein coronas were obtained except in the presence of antibiotics. Under these conditions, the protein corona took more time to be formed, and its density and composition were altered, as indicated by UV-vis spectroscopy, Z potential, dynamic light scattering, and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses. As a consequence of these modifications, a significantly different AuNP cellular uptake was measured, showing that NP uptake increased as did the NP aggregate formation. AuNP uptake studies performed in the presence of clathrin- and caveolin-mediated endocytosis inhibitors showed that neither clathrin receptors nor lipid rafts were significantly involved in the internalization mechanism. These results suggest that in these conditions, NP aggregation is the main mechanism responsible for their cellular uptake. © 2022 American Chemical Society.