Supramolecular NanoChemistry and Materials

Group Leader: Daniel Maspoch



    • Gerard Boix

      Multifunctional Composites made of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Inorganic Nanoparticles


    • Marta Ruiz García

      Design, characterization and optimization of a novel liposomal based food supplement against chronic fatigue syndrome


    • Ceren Çamur

      Advances on the synthesis of MOFs at scale

    • Blanca Chocarro

      Development of bimodal waveguide interferometric sensors for environmental monitoring

    • Jorge Albalad

      Post-synthetic modification of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and polyhedra (MOPs)

    • Heng Xu

      Post-synthetic Modification of Metal-Organic Frameworks by Solid-Gas Ozonolysis


    • Luis Carlos Garzón Tovar

      Confining reactions in a droplet: synthesis of MOFs, COFs and Composites using spray drying

    • Amirali Yazdi

      Nanoengineering composites made of metal- and covalent-organic frameworks and inorganic nanoparticles using encapsulation techniques

    • Jordi Espin

      The photothermal effect in MOFs

    • Civan Avci

      Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8: Control of particle size, and shape and its self-assembly


    • Abraham Ayala

      Janus-type and molecular MOF-based composites

    • Ivan Patricio Burneo

      Metal-Organic Frameworks made of amino acids and adenine: chirality and hydrochromism


    • Javier Aríñez

      Design and Synthesis of Submicron Diagnostic Systems Based on Coordination Polymers


    • Arnau Carne

      A new synthetic method for nanoscale metal-organic frameworks and their application as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging.
      Director Dr. Daniel Maspoch Comamala / Dr. Inhar Imaz

    • Marta Rubio

      Coordination Polymer Nanofibers made of Amino Acids and Peptides and their Use as Templates to Synthesize Inorganic Nanoparticle Superstructures
      Director Dr Inhar Imaz , Prof Daniel Maspoch

    • Carles Carbonell

      Surface Structuration of Metal-Organic Frameworks Using Tip-Based Lithographies
      Director Dr. Daniel Maspoch Comamala / Dr. Inhar Imaz Gabilondo