Theory and Simulation

Group Leader: Pablo Ordejón


21 Jun


The 2nd edition of the Quantum Matter International Conference – QUANTUMatter 2022 (Barcelona, Spain) – aims at gathering the various communities engaged in the science and technologies of quantum information and quantum matter, to foster the incubation of new ideas & collaborations at the forefront of quantum technologies, emerging quantum materials and novel generations of quantum communication protocols, quantum sensing and quantum simulation.

ICN2 Involved researchers:

  • Pablo Ordejon, Director and Theory and Simulation Group Leader - Organising committee
  • Jordi Arbiol, Advanced Electron Nanoscopy Group Leader - Local Organising Committee
  • Stephan Roche, Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group Leader - International Scientific Committee
  • Sergio Valenzuela, Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices Group leader - International Scientific Committee

CALLS for Abstracts and Registration are Open HERE