Contest rules

One of the goals of the ICN2 Severo Ochoa research programme is to develop a comprehensive suite of communication tools and materials aimed at the general public and industrial decision-makers. A key area of activity is the production of short videos for online dissemination. This video contest is a good way of amassing relevant nano-related video material, while at the same time engaging new audiences in a dialogue on the subject of nanotechnologies.

At the ICN2 we are convinced that nanotechnology will soon be all around us. Indeed, our Severo Ochoa research programme is already leading to the development of innovative nanotechnologies in areas as diverse as health, the environment, energy and ICT.

And now we want to hear from you! Do you share our view that the world can be made a better place with nanotechnology? Does our growing ability to understand and interact with the world at the nanoscale inspire you or fill you with dread? Or something in between?

This video contest is the opportunity to have your voice heard. Let your imagination run free. Share what’s on your mind when you think of nanotechnology. Send us your video submission to the ICN2-Severo Ochoa Nano Film Contest for the chance to win wonderful prizes!

What to send

We are looking for short videos lasting 30 seconds to three minutes in English, or in your native language with English subtitles (you may send these in a separate text file). Accompany your submission with a short description, also in English, your contact details and the name of the video authors. Videos may include copyright-free narrative, interviews, animation, comics, drawings, music, etc. in any combination.


Three winning videos will be selected in the following categories:

  • Best Video Award. The contest jury will select the best video from all those submitted, based on criteria including originality and technical quality.
  • Most-Liked Video Award. Win the popular vote by earning the most “likes” on our ICN2 Vimeo channel.
  • NanoEduca Award. This award will be exclusive for the participants in an educational activity held in Barcelona. For more information please visit


Videos can have up to three authors. One of them will act as contact person and will manage any interaction with the contest organisers.

How to submit your video

Use the following form to submit your video.

You will be asked to share your video file via Vimeo. When submitting your video, you will be asked to provide some personal and contact details.

By submitting your video, you confirm that the entry is your own original work and does not violate or infringe upon the rights of others, as protected under copyright law. You also confirm that no copyrighted material has been used without the content of the copyright owner.

Video criteria

  • Maximum video duration: 3 minutes.
  • Maximum file size: 2 GB.
  • Signed releases must be provided for all recognisable individuals appearing in your video.
  • Videos can be made using a smartphone, camera, computer or any other technology available to you.
  • Any software may be used to produce the video.


All videos and descriptions must be submitted before .


A panel of experts will select the winning video in the Best Video category, based on criteria including originality, technical quality, and scientific content and accuracy.

The Most Liked Video will be selected based on the number of likes received by a given date. All qualifying videos will be published on the ICN2 Vimeo channel. The sooner you upload it the more likes you might earn. The voting process will be open for at least one month after publication of the videos. Be sure to tell your friends and family!

The ICN2 reserves the right to disqualify any video submission at any time during the contest. The institute will not be held responsible for any claims or complaints received from third parties in relation to the videos submitted, nor is it bound to responding to any claims or enquiries regarding contest results. The ICN2 will have the final say on any point not outlined in the entry rules.


The winning videos will be highlighted on the ICN2 website.

Furthermore, each winner/winning team will receive the following:

1. One item signed by a Nobel Prize:

  • One tape dispenser signed by Prof. Konstantin Novoselov, from the University of Manchester, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 together with Prof. Andre Geim for their ground-breaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene. Use it to make your own graphene at home!
  • One hard disk drive signed by Prof. Albert Fert, Emeritus Professor at Université Paris-Sud (France), who won the Nobel Prize in Physics 2007 together with Prof. Peter Grünberg for the discovery of giant magnetoresistance. His discoveries brought about a breakthrough in gigabyte hard disk drives.

For videos with a single author, the winner may choose from among the two prizes mentioned. Teams made up of three members (the maximum number of authors allowed) will receive two tape dispensers and one hard disk drive.

2. A copy of the book Creadors de futur / Creadores de futuro by ICN2’s Group Leader Prof. Pedro Gómez Romero.

Are you ready? And action!