Management and services

Information technology

Javier Gonzalvez

Head: Javier Gonzalvez

The IT Department provides technical support for information technologies issues to the ICN2 community, with the mission to ensure the proper functioning of its services and infrastructure. This Department manages all the IT infrastructure: networking, communications, security, and servers. Its members offer assistance to the ICN2 users in their daily IT-related tasks, projects and purchases, as well as in their graphic design and web design and maintenance needs.

In 2020, COVID pandemic changed the way we communicate, work and live. For this reason, IT provided new tools and developed new systems to help users in their daily work. In particular, the IT Department led and developed the following projects and actions: New teleworking and teleconferencing tools were made available and training was offered: Zoom, Teams, and Office 365 –with related migration from previous mailing system New data analytics software was adopted: Power BI.

In addition, IT has continued giving support for the graphic design needs of the Institute, both in online and offline media, in coordination with the Marketing and Communication Department.