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Business and Innovation

The Office of Business and Innovation (B&I) links science to market, extends the collaboration network for our scientists, and assures that public science generates resources that support more and better science. The Department’s new structure and enhanced human power, plus the ongoing Severo Ochoa Programme, has enabled a suite of pioneering innovation activities through 2020. The past year was characterized by the COVID-19 pandemics, but despite the global impact of the disease, ICN2 performance in innovation terms was high. Total contract turnover and deliverables exceeded 1.1 million euro for the second year in a row. We extended our network to 127 companies and institutions that resulted in 23 NDA agreements and 12 R&D and 6 Service contracts signed. Two technologies were licensed, which might result in the first commercial graphene-based devices in health care. Three Innovation projects were awarded public funds. In the new IP area, 3 new European patents were filed and 7 PCT extensions were requested. A Venturing programme was established to support and fund the creation of ICN2 spinoff companies. Finally, private donations reached a historical record of more than 300.000€.

In 2020, the B&I Department continued in a process geared to transform ICN2 into a true incubator and accelerator of technologies, taking significant steps towards integrating public science and private production of goods and services. In the next few years, B&I will unroll additional tools and mechanisms to support ICN2’s leadership in innovation.