Group Leader: Kostas Kostarelos


Main Research Lines

  • Clinical translation of bioelectronic and microfluidic devices

  • Nanomaterials as vector systems for therapeutic and diagnostic applications

  • Development of graphene and 2D materials in medicine

  • Discovery of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in oncology and neurology

Nanomedicine Research Lines

Nanomedicine@ICN2 has strong links with the Nanomedicine Lab at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at the University of Manchester. Prof. Kostas Kostarelos is leading both teams in a joint effort to develop medicines at the nanoscale. Graphene and 2D materials will have a central role in a number of research lines carried out in the context of the Graphene Flagship and beyond. Liposomes and other nanoparticle systems are used in various biomedical applications, ranging from cancer therapeutics to neurodegenerative disease interventions.

Group Leader

Kostas Kostarelos

Severo Ochoa Distinguished Professor and Group Leader

Kostas read Chemistry at the University of Leeds and obtained his Diploma in Chemical Engineering and PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, studying the steric stabilization of liposomes using block copolymer molecules.

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