Talent and knowledge at the nanoscale

Breaking boundaries to learn and apply nanosolutions

The ICN2 is a reference centre for excellent research in nanoscience and nanotechnology, both at national and international level. Research at the ICN2 stands out for its multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature, since nanoscience results from the convergence and integration of multiple scientific disciplines, mainly: physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. Both fundamental and application-oriented research at the nanoscale is carried out. With the impulse of the Severo Ochoa Awards the ICN2 research has achieved the highest impact and excellence levels.

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From the lab to the market

The ultimate goal for the innovation efforts at ICN2 is to maximize the public impact of our scientific discoveries and technical developments. Promoting and supporting this process of innovation and the pipeline that leads from research outcomes to products is key for the ICN2. The Business and Innovation Office works with ICN2 scientists, external collaborators, industrial partners and investors with the mission to identify commercial opportunities, to advice and provide tools for intellectual protection and knowledge and technology transfer, to negotiate and facilitate the process of establishing spin-off companies.

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