Maintenance and Services

The ICN2 Maintenance and Services Department was created in 2007 with the aim of maintaining the existing spaces and supervising the construction of the new building. Currently, the Department manages two buildings’ facilities and plays a key role in the configuration of new spaces.

The main building (ICN2 building), with a constructed area of 6,565 m2, is structures into 50 laboratories devoted to research, 13 shared spaces (e.g.: warehouses, meeting rooms, dining room) and 14 common laboratories that offer a transversal support to the research activity. Among them, it is worth highlighting a Biolab and a Nano-manufacturing Room, which came into service in 2018.

The second building has a usable area of 560 m2, spread over 9 research laboratories, 43 jobs and 4 infrastructure spaces.

The Maintenance and Services Department has played an important role in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, it has been on charge of supplying and installing hydroalcoholic gel dispensers throughout the ICN2.

The Maintenance and Services Department members work to keep all laboratories and spaces in optimal conditions and take on the building remodelling. The department also oversees management of external service providers such as those involved in cleaning, gardening, reception, security, courier and post.

Xavier Ros

Head of Maintenance and Services

Xavier Ros