ICN2 PhD Programme What is the ICN2 PhD Programme?

Training the scientists of the future

Career Advice · International Experience · Skills Training

The ICN2 PhD Programme is an institutional commitment to training excellence throughout your PhD. It stands in addition to the challenges and guidance you will receive from your chosen research group, allowing you to benefit from the collective vision of the ICN2 as a whole.

Each year an internal committee will advise you on important formative experiences to prioritise going forward, like conference attendance, transferable skills, exposure and publication record. You will follow a training calendar designed to support your development at each stage of your PhD. Things like project planning, lab techniques and scientific writing. You will attend regular scientific seminars by field leaders, participate in international conferences and workshops, and have opportunities for academic and industry placements at local and international partner institutions. Meanwhile, our mentoring programme will help you handle other stumbling blocks inherent in the PhD experience and expand your learning beyond the purely academic.

The ultimate goal is to ensure you get the most out of your time at the ICN2, and to prepare you for whatever professional path awaits you after your PhD.


    • How to be an effective researcher
    • Principles of scientific writing
    • Training in different laboratory techniques
    • Ethics in research
    • Professional and Personal effectiveness
    • Database management
    • Communication and presentation skills
    • Intro to patents for researchers
    • All you need to know about spin-offs
    • How to write winning projects
    • Entrepreneurship and innovation
    • How to write a winning CV
    • What next? Opportunities for PhD holders
    • Thesis defence training