Women in Science

In a world where progress is driven by diverse insights, ICN2 is a vanguard for gender equality and inclusivity in scientific research. Our commitment transcends mere acknowledgment of diversity; we actively foster it, championing a culture where every individual can realize their potential. This isn't merely institutional ethos but a foundational right.

Our commitment extends in two primary directions. On one hand, we rigorously implement policies ensuring equal treatment and opportunities, eliminating any form of discrimination, be it based on gender, religion, culture, age, or any other criteria. On the other, we steadfastly embed the principle of equal opportunities in our core policies, adhering to stringent regulations, notably Royal Decrees 901/2020 and 902/2020 and Law 4/2023, which underscore equal remuneration and the unequivocal rights of LGTBI and trans individuals.

Within this section, you'll witness ICN2's proactive efforts towards actualizing equality. Our aim is clear: to cultivate an environment marked by respect and equal opportunity.