Careers What do we offer?

Research excellence

Our scientific excellence is a fact and we are proud of being awarded the Severo Ochoa Excellence since 2014, the highest recognition of centres of excellence in Spain.

Research support infrastructure

We offer, for the research groups within the ICN2 and neighbouring research institutions, a collaborative platform and a repository of expertise and know-how to develop new methods, materials, instruments and techniques. A highly qualified multidisciplinary team of experts support activities within research facilities providing expertise that may be lacking in research laboratories and fostering collaborations between investigators as well as inter-disciplinary research.

Know-how in nanoscience and nanotechnology

We feel proud of having prestigious senior researchers who dedicate insatiably for the progress of our centre, as well as the career growth of our scientists and others. We will thank for their dedication.

Continuous Growth

We support growth and career development by giving the opportunity to our employees continuous learning and evolution. That is why we offer numerous scientific workshops, seminars to share knowledge; and specialized trainings, language courses, as well as we encourage participation in conferences and events that are relevant to the field of expertise. Please read ICN2 Training Policy for more information.


It goes without saying that we strive to innovate. We are happy to feel part of the nano world which is currently growing.

Cultural diversity

One of our strengths is our diversity. Our teams represent more than 30 nationalities with different research backgrounds and professional careers. We appreciate our uniqueness and see it as an opportunity to learn from each other, share our knowledge and experiences.

HR Excellence Badge

We are awarded with the HR Excellence in Research Badge that identifies the institutions and organisations as providers and supporters of a stimulating and favourable working environment in Research.

Flexible timetable

Our timetable and access is flexible. It means advantages in order to coordinate and organise the personal life with the professional life.

Social Life/Campus UAB

We are inside the UAB Campus. It means to be closed to many services (transports, restaurants, shops...) The members of the ICN2 have the possibility to have the UAB ESFERA CARD. It allows having discounts in the SAF (gym), UAB Languages, University Village, Hotel Campus… and gaining access in all the Libraries in UAB.