Seed Funding Severo Ochoa Programme 2023-2026

Under ICN2's second Severo Ochoa program, an internal competitive fund was established to propel emerging topics forward. This initiative will persist under the third Severo Ochoa programme, with a commitment to hold at least two calls for proposals.



  • Facilitating Novel Concepts: The aim is to support the development of innovative and exploratory concepts that steer excellence toward new and emerging research directions. Additionally, the focus extends to original applications that bring value to the European industry.
  • Generating Preliminary Data: These research projects are ideally positioned to generate initial data or take the first steps in proving the interest or validity of unconventional ideas. By doing so, they bolster future applications for external funding sources.
  • Strengthening CVs: Projects that enhance the curriculum vitae (CV) of Principal Investigators (PIs) who are not group leaders are strongly encouraged. This emphasis underscores the commitment to fostering professional growth and diversifying leadership roles within the research community.