Human Resources

The ICN2 Human Resources Department focuses on the people of the ICN2, providing effective talent attraction, selection, development and assessment processes, as well as a set of user-friendly guidelines and tools. Its mission is to support growth and career development through the nurturing of an appealing institutional environment.

The department’s policies contribute to making the ICN2 a workplace where people can thrive, share their experience and exchange new ideas. The institute has renewed in 2021 the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research logo (HRS4R) in recognition of its commitment to career development, equal opportunities, transparency and favourable working conditions.

2021 has continued being a particular year due de COVID pandemic. Inside the ICN2 Contingency Committee we have continuing monitoring the official measures and restrictions and adapting it to the ICN2 reality. It was also the year to consolidate the teleworking policy as another way to work following the current regulations.

Several actions were launched under the Severo Ochoa and HRS4R umbrella: The launch of the BIST Mentoring Programme as an improvement of the internal Mentoring programme is a new tool for the career development and career transition for those who are interested in participating as Mentor or Mentee. The ICN2 Day celebrated in October prepared in close and important collaboration with the ICN2 Communication Department and the working group involved, allowed to find a virtual place to meet and share informal time with the ICN2 Community. The ICN2 Community Alumni, a new group in LinkedIn, where current and former members of ICN2 are linked and are updated with news, trainings, job positions, awards and much more.

Another action relevant in the times of COVID-19 was creating a new section in the Intranet to inform about the new members, leavers and other changes in the list of members of the ICN2. It has been developed by the IT Department and it is daily updated with information from the HR Department management tools. A link to the refreshed list is included in the weekly internal Newsletter “Inside ICN2”. This action is part of the Severo Ochoa Programme and aimed to facilitate connections within the ICN2 community while informing about the members who join or leave the institute. The pandemic situation has made this tool more important than ever.

Human resources strategy for researchers action plan

Julio César Gómez Navarro

Head of Human Resources

Julio César Gómez Navarro