Scientific Advisory Board

The ICN2 Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a multi-disciplinary international board with expertise in broad areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology. All its members are distinguished international scientists from the public and private sectors. The SAB conducts reviews of planned research programs and results, and is typically convened every 18 months.


Prof. Miquel Salmerón, link
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley, USA.


  • Prof. Albert Fert, link
    CNRS/Thales, France.
  • Prof. Dr Beatriz Roldán Cuenya, link
    Fritz Haber Institute, Germany.
  • Prof. Elisa Molinari, link
    Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy.
  • Prof. Sir Kostya Novoselov, link link
    National University of Singapore & The University of Manchester, UK.
  • Prof. Luisa de Cola, link
    Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.
  • Prof. María Vallet Regí, link
    Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Max Christian Lemme, link
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany.
  • Prof. Nicholas D. Spencer, link
    ETH-Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Prof. Sylvia Daunert, link
    University of Miami, USA.
  • Dr. Tapani Ryhänen, link
    Emberion, Finland.