Barcelona Nanocluster

ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

23 September


23 September 2019 - 27 September 2019

The latest innovations and leading-edge technology and research 

ICN2 Involved Researcher: ICREA Prof. José A. Garrido, Advanced Electron Materials and Devices Group Leader - Invited Speaker



Helsinki, Finland

ICN2 Seminars

ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

30 September

Trends in Nanotechnology Int. Conference , TNT 2019

30 September 2019 - 04 October 2019

TNTconf series will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with a high-level scientific program addressing key factors for the future of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology community in Europe.

On the occasion of TNT2019 a Graphene one-day Symposium will be organized in collaboration with ICN2 (Spain). 

ICN2 Involved Reseacrchers:

  • CSIC Research Prof. Pablo Ordejón, Director and Theory and Simulation Group Leader, Keynote Speaker
  • ICREA Prof. Clivia M. Sotomayor, Phononic and Photonic Nanostructures Group Leader, Keynote Speaker

San Sebastian, Spain

Congresses and Workshops

ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

07 October

Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Global Health & Biosensors 2019

07 October 2019 - 09 October 2019

This annual conference discusses the expanding Point-of-Care Diagnostics and Global Health fields and bring in the Biosensors field providing the most up-to-date presentations from leaders in these fields and offer networking and engagement opportunities with delegates from around the world. 

ICN2 Involved Researcher: ICREA Prof. Arben Merkoçi, Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors Group Leader at ICN2 - Keynote Speaker

San Diego, USA

ICN2 Training Event

09 October

ICN2 Research Data Management Workshop

Wednesday 09 October 2019, 09:45am


For ICN2 Staff: Interactive workshop to introduce ICN2 researchers in the Research Data Management field, the new approach from the research community to reach excellence.

ICN2 Seminar Hall, ICN2 Building, UAB

ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

23 October

From quantum systems to new materials and smart electrical energy

23 October 2019 - 25 October 2019

Grenoble-Barcelona Twin Conference

ICN2 Involved Researcher: Dr Marius Costache, CSIC Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero, CSIC Prof. Laura M. Lechuga, Dr César Moreno, CSIC Tenured Scientist Jose Santiso, ICREA Prof. Clivia Sotomayor, Dr Klaas-Jan Tielrooij, Dr Zeila Zanolli - Invited talks

Grenoble, France