Business and Innovation

In 2019 all Technology Transfer activities in ICN2 were consolidated under the newly created unit of Business and Innovation (B&I), with the resulting reorganization of tasks, goals and vision.

Pablo Pomposiello Miravent, PhD, was recruited from the corporate world to head the B&I team and staff it accordingly to ICN2’s strategic vision. During the following months B&I became fully operational and brought new energy to its mission of accelerating the transition from basic scientific results to market through innovation.

Main activities:

  • Identification and assessment of technologies with commercial potential.
  • Protection of technologies with commercial potential, through a specific and well defined IP strategy.
  • Marketing and transfer of knowledge, patents and know-how through licensing agreements with industry and the promotion and creation of spin-off companies.
  • Promotion of collaborations between the industry and the ICN2.
  • Commercial and scientific consultancy services.
  • Promotion and dissemination of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in congresses, partnering and other networking events.
Pablo José Pomposiello

Head of Business and Innovation

Pablo José Pomposiello