Business and Innovation

The Office of Business and Innovation aims to protect and commercialise ICN2 research results, establish R&D and licensing contracts with industry, new collaborations with the private and public sectors and new networking channels. These innovation instruments link science to market, extend the collaboration network for our scientists, and assure that public science generates resources that feed back into more and better science. Moreover, the ongoing Severo Ochoa Programme has enabled a suite of pioneering innovation activities that yielded tangible fruits. Since ICN2 has been recognized as a centre of excellence, the B&I office aims to bring excellence to innovation, supporting and empowering our scientists.

The B&I office started in 2019 a process geared to become a true incubator and accelerator of ICN2 technologies, taking significant steps towards integrating public science and production of goods and services. Severo Ochoa funding has allowed internal support programs for Proof of Concept and Venturing. In the next few years, B&I will unroll additional tools and mechanisms to ensure ICN2’s leadership in innovation.

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Main activities:

  • Identification and assessment of technologies with commercial potential.
  • Protection of technologies with commercial potential, through a specific and well defined IP strategy.
  • Marketing and transfer of knowledge, patents and know-how through licensing agreements with industry and the promotion and creation of spin-off companies.
  • Promotion of collaborations between the industry and the ICN2.
  • Commercial and scientific consultancy services.
  • Promotion and dissemination of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in congresses, partnering and other networking events.
Pablo José Pomposiello

Head of Business and Innovation

Pablo José Pomposiello