Business and Innovation

The past year was characterized by the COVID-19 pandemics, but despite the global impact of the disease, ICN2 performance at innovation was high. Total contract turnover and deliverables exceeded 1.1 million euro for the second year in a row. We extended our network to 127 companies and institutions that resulted in 23 NDA agreements and 12 R&D and 6 Service contracts signed. Two technologies were licensed, which might result in the first commercial graphene-based devices in health care. Three Innovation projects were awarded public funds. In the new IP area, 3 new European patents were filed and 7 PCT extensions were requested. A Venturing program was established to support and fund the creation of ICN2 spinoff companies. Finally, private donations reached a historical record of more than 300.000€.

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Main activities:

  • Identification and assessment of technologies with commercial potential.
  • Protection of technologies with commercial potential, through a specific and well defined IP strategy.
  • Marketing and transfer of knowledge, patents and know-how through licensing agreements with industry and the promotion and creation of spin-off companies.
  • Promotion of collaborations between the industry and the ICN2.
  • Commercial and scientific consultancy services.
  • Promotion and dissemination of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in congresses, partnering and other networking events.
Pablo José Pomposiello

Head of Business and Innovation

Pablo José Pomposiello