Strategy Development

The main mission of the ICN2 Strategy Development is to anticipate and provide advanced response to the challenges faced by the institute on the long and short term. This involves staying abreast of trends at the local, national and international levels, and working to strengthen the centre’s position and responsiveness to them. Internally it strives to lead by example to drive forward key organisational changes and alignment on matters that will shape the future of the ICN2.

The core activities led by Strategy Development are as follows:

  • Design and management of the ICN2 Strategic Plan, supporting its translation into actionable goals and yearly plans, and monitoring overall progress towards bigger-picture objectives
  • Delivering institutional strategic projects and initiatives
  • Coordination of institutional projects and initiatives of strategic importance
  • Supporting the direction in drawing new strategies and policies
  • Co-identification of funding opportunities for research groups and researchers, plus dedicated pre-award information and support for calls considered strategic for the centre
  • Cultivation of mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders
Margarita María Navia De Roux

Head of Strategy

Margarita María Navia De Roux