Information Technologies

The IT Department provides technical support for information technologies issues to the ICN2 community, with the mission to ensure the proper functioning of its services and infrastructure. This Department manages all the IT infrastructure: networking, communications, security, and servers. Its members offer assistance to the ICN2 users in their daily IT-related tasks, projects and purchases, as well as in their graphic design and web design and maintenance needs.

This year 2021 we have made significant changes to the institute’s IT infrastructure. The access core has been replaced by a new and powerful one, providing more security to the environment. We have also started to implement some measures to reinforce information security, with new backup systems.

And, continuing with the projects related to teleworking that we started in 2020, videoconferencing systems have been installed in all meeting rooms, to help users being connected. In addition, IT has continued giving support for the graphic design needs of the Institute, both in online and offline media, in coordination with the Marketing and Communication Department.