Equal Opportunities Committee


In order to ensure consistent decision-making and enforcement actions to be established under the present Equal Opportunities Plan, the ICN2 has established the Equal Opportunities Committee to ensure the following aspects: 

  1. Gender equity, defined as the achievement of equal opportunities between women and men, while continuing to recognize the difference. 
  2. Equal opportunities, meaning the same option to the same opportunities and professional resources by gender and culture. 
  3. Non-discrimination, direct or indirect, of the workforce according to their gender or culture, as well as the removal of barriers, visible or not, involving differences between women and men. 
  4. Eradication in the workplace of any indication of sexual harassment or harassment based on sex, as well as any other form of harassment. 
  5. The elimination of gender stereotypes. 
  6. The promotion and dissemination within the institute of values and practices based on the equality between women and men, and the promotion of balanced representation of both genders in all organs and positions of responsibility in the company. 
  7. Monitoring and updating the Equal Opportunities Plan, and development of proposals for future actions for continuous improvement. 


The members of the Equal Opportunities Committee are key agents in the implementation of policies on equal opportunities and managing diversity and were also involved in the initial drafting of these policies as part of their role in designing the Plan. The members of the Equal Opportunities Committee are appointed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Both genders are represented.
  • Both ICN2 Management and staff from all professional areas are represented. 
  • They are available, committed and interested in the issue.
  • They have appropriate decision-making skills and authority.
  • A range of professional profiles and categories are represented.

On the basis of these criteria, the Equal Opportunities Committee was formally constituted on 22 October 2014. 

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