WiS News

Thursday, 01 June 2023

ICN2 Unveils the III Equality of Opportunities & Diversity Management Plan 2023-2026

ICN2 is proud to announce this document, building on previous editions and focusing on fostering an inclusive and diverse environment beyond gender. The plan sets key objectives such as guaranteeing equality for all, promoting diversity and inclusion, and eliminating barriers to workplace success. Strategic actions include improving communication, increasing transparency in staff selection and promotions, and conducting training on equal opportunities. The ICN2 community will collaborate to implement and evaluate the plan, working towards a more inclusive future.

Wednesday, 29 March 2023

La Vanguardia organises a colloquium celebrating female achievements in science

La Vanguardia, a prominent Spanish newspaper, organised a colloquium on the 28th of March at Hotel Seventy in Barcelona to celebrate female achievements in science and promote discussions on gender equality, diversity, and innovation in science and technology. The event featured Dr Neus Bastús as one of the esteemed panelists.

Wednesday, 08 March 2023

Another successful International Women’s Day celebration at the ICN2

The event was an occasion to introduce the new Plan of actions designed by the Equal Opportunity Committee for 2023-2026, to discuss about strategies for supporting women scientists and promoting their career advance, as well as to showcase some important research carried out by women at the ICN2. The awarding ceremony of the ICN2 Women Talent Programme 2022 closed the celebration.

Friday, 03 March 2023

Get Ready to Celebrate International Women's Day with ICN2: Honoring Outstanding Achievements of Female Researchers!

Join us on Tuesday, March 7th, at the ICN2 Seminar room, to celebrate International Women's Day, wich is to be officially celebrated the day after the ICn2 event. This Day is an occasion to celebrate women's social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments. In the research field, women have made significant contributions to scientific knowledge and breakthroughs, yet they remain underrepresented in many areas. Achieving gender equality in research is crucial for scientific excellence and innovation, making ICN2 committed to promoting equal opportunities and supporting female researchers' career development. This special event will recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of the Women Talent 2022 Awardees.