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The ICN2 Nanofabrication Facility focuses on the design and development of nanofabrication methods and techniques for basic and applied research in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

It provides researchers and students an extensive range of processing services to help them carry out their research activities. It also offers support, assistance and training to allow the researchers and other users to safely and efficiently operate the equipment available. The facility is designed to support the fabrication and characterisation of nanoscale materials and structures, and the integration of devices at all length scales.

The facility’s mission is to provide high quality services to both internal and external users.

The Nanofabrication Facility is scientifically directed by the ICN2 Nanofabrication Committee led by Prof. Laura Lechuga and made up of ICN2 researchers who are experts in the area. The Committee establishes the strategic guidelines of the service and at the same time it is a dynamic source of new synergies for the development of the activity within the Facility.

Mission and vision

The Nanofabrication Facility is a cross-groups, general user facility, designed to support the ICN2 research effort. The facility is open to all trained personnel on a recharge basis, including ICN2 as well as external personnel. It is our mission to provide a state-of-the art facility for advanced device fabrication at the micro- and nano-scale.

In addition to providing essential micro and nanofabrication capabilities for mainstream research on electronic, optoelectronic and 2D materials and devices, this facility is intended to facilitate the pursuit of research in emerging, interdisciplinary, and rapidly growing fields such as biomedical and biochemical lab-on-a-chip devices, heterogeneous integrated circuits, photonics and phononic devices and nanoscale science and technology.

The Nanofabrication Facility aims to deliver outcomes that will have real impact for users, by ensuring that it is easy to access, agile in how it applies engineering expertise to respond quickly and accurately, and always seeking opportunities to enhance the quality of services that are available.


The Nanofabrication Facility Lab is a 100m2 cleanroom type laboratory that offers equipment for the fabrication and characterization of micro- and nanodevices and structures. It is a specially designed and constructed room in which the air supply, air distribution, air filtration, materials of construction and operating procedures are regulated to control airbone particle concentrations to meet appropiate cleanliness levels. Our facility is classified as ISO Class 6 and 7 which means that there are at most 1,000 or 10,000 particles ≥ 0.5 µm per ft3, respectively

The Facility is segmented in three dedicated rooms: ISO 6 room for Lithography processes and two ISO 7 rooms for etching and deposition processes.

Nanofabrication Facility Distribution

Nanofabrication Facility overview

Nanofabrication Facility overview

funded by FEDER and Generalitat

The ICN2 Nanofabrication Facility has received funds from the CENanoTech project. In turn, the CENanoTech projectThe CENanoTech project (ref.: 2015 FEDER/S-16) is funded through the call for the development of R&D infrastructures launched by the Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with funding received from the European Regional Development Fund. The project has also been co-funded by the Severo Ochoa Programme, granted by the back then Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

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