Nanofabrication facility - Equipment - Characterization


Characterisation and imaging is a key phase of most fabrication processes as a test point in the development cycle. As such, ICN2 Nanofabrication Facility features a broad range of instruments which are capable of achieving high resolution images, topographical imaging, measurements of films stress as well as surface steps and roughness imaging, amongst others.



Defining feature


FEI Inspect F50

High resolution surface topography imaging.

Stylus Profilometer

KLA Tencor – Alphastep D500

Characterises the surface steps and roughness of a material.

Optical 3D Profiler

Filmetrics –

Profilm 3D

Non-contact mapping of surface topology. 3D imaging

Optical microscope

Nikon –

Eclipse 150L

Up to x100 magnification