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Friday, 02 March 2018

New mentoring programme at the ICN2

The ICN2 has a new institutional mentoring programme starting this month. Find out more here.

The ICN2 Mentoring Programme is a pioneering scheme coordinated by the ICN2 Human Resources Department to create more connected, more mindful employees and more horizontal sharing of knowledge and wisdom. The idea is that, by forging links that cut across the different disciplines and professional profiles present within the ICN2 Community, the new mentor-mentee relationships will add a new opportunity for growth at the institute.

To introduce the concept of mentoring, Human Resources invited Louise Schubert of Schubert Consulting to give a talk to all those at the ICN2 interested and curious to find out what it is and how it works. Defined broadly as a learning partnership between two people with different levels or areas of experience, its scope goes beyond the purely professional to include areas of personal and transferable skills development. And the learning is by no means limited to what the mentor can impart to the mentee; rather it is an ongoing conversation between two individuals which invites a process of self-reflection and mindfulness that can be beneficial to both parties.

Mentoring also has an institutional element, and in the context of the ICN2 will support the pursuit of a more connected, more inclusive network and work environment that takes full advantage of the diverse and complementary experience base of its members. For this reason Human Resources has devoted considerable efforts to designing the ICN2 Mentoring Programme, which was also presented in this session by ICN2 People Development Officer Julio Gómez.

So, and speaking now to the ICN2 Community, if you haven’t already signed up, take a moment to consider whether you might have something to contribute or learn from your colleagues – or both. Training for both roles will take place on 15 (mentors) and 19 (mentees) March.