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Friday, 04 October 2019

ICN2 postdoctoral researcher Dr Bogdan Guster receives poster award at TNT2019

The ICN2 took part in the TNT annual meeting on new trends in nanoscience and nanothechnology contributing various talks and posters. The work presented by Dr Bogdan Guster of the ICN2 Theory and Simulation group was selected as one of the best five in the poster session.

Concluded today the 20th edition of the Trends in Technology Conference (TNT2019), which took place in San Sebastian (Spain), 30 September-4 October. Launched in Spain, this series of meetings has involved an increasing number of institutions from different countries and each year first class research in nanoscience and nanotechnology is presented across different topical sessions.

The ICN2 participated in this edition with various scientific contributions, including a keynote speech by ICN2 Director Prof. Pablo Ordejon, of the Theory and Simulation group, an invited talk by Dr Pedro David García, of the Phononic and Photonic Nanostructures group, other presentations and various posters. Dr Bogdan Guster, a postdoctoral researcher in the ICN2 Theory and Simulation group, received an award -- sponsored by the Phantoms Foundation -- for his poster on “A first principles exploration of charge density waves in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides”.

One of the main objectives of this annual gathering is to provide a stage for young researchers to share their work and to facilitate connections between them and experts in the field. To this purpose, the Organizing Commitee and some of the institutions involved provide travel grants for students. The ICN2 supported the participation of seven young researchers in this year’s edition through its Severo Ochoa Programme.