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Thursday, 21 July 2022

Fundació Èpica - Fura dels Baus presents the 'Survival vs. Resilience' project with ICN2, BIST and ICFO

by Àlex Argemí

A group of around 20 people has been working for two weeks to develop a scenic arts action revolving around graphene and the nanoscale as one of its main concepts. Next weekend, July 23 – 24, Fundació Èpica - Fura dels Baus will present the result of this work, which was based on the science shared by Dr Victoria Puig, Dr Jose de la Cruz, Dr Lorenzo Orsini and Àlex Argemí Read more to learn how to get a free ticket!

What happens when one of the most disrupting scenic arts company, a group of selected creators and excellent researchers work together? That is what we are going to figure out next Saturday 23 July and Sunday 24 July evening.

Fundació Èpica- Fura dels Baus has led a two week creative workshop producing an immersive experience that will be presented at the Antiga Fabrica CACI (Badalona). Researchers from ICN2 and ICFO presented their science and its applications for two days to kick off the creative work. With the collaboration of BIST and the support of the GraphCAT project, the involved researchers were Dr Jose de la Cruz, who developed his PhD at the ICN2 and is now working at the INBRAIN Neurotechnologies spin off,  Dr Victoria Puig, Senior Researcher at the ICN2 Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group, Àlex Argemí, ICN2 Head of Marketing and Communication, and Dr Lorenzo Orsini, PhD at he ICFO Quantum Nano-Optoelectronics Research Group.

We are very excited to experience the result! After the theatrical representation a debate will discuss the science and the technologies behind the show.

Would you like to see it? There is a chance to get a free ticket on Twitter:


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