NanoBioelectronics and Biosensors Group

Group Leader: Arben Merkoçi

Main Research Lines

  • Nanoparticles study and application in innovative sensing technologies
  • Development of novel nanostructured, nanochannel flexible platforms based on nanoimprinting and ink-jet printing technologies
  • Study of graphene related materials and their integration into biosensing platforms
  • Development of novel paper-based platforms with improved architecture, microfluidics and enhanced detection capabilities
  • Design and application of lab-on-a-chip devices for biosensing, drug screening and other applications

During 2015 the group became involved in a new competitive national project related to nanobioconjugated paper/plastic platforms for improved diagnostics applications.

The group continued progressing in paper and nanopaper-based platforms with interest for biosensing and other devices fabrication.

Last year five of our PhD students (Lourdes Rivas, Alejandro Chamorro, Helena Monton, Flavio Pino and Everson Thiago Santos Gerôncio Da Silva) defended their PhD theses.

Group Leader

Arben Merkoçi


ICREA Professor and head of Nanobioelectronics & Biosensors Group at ICN2 (Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia). He obtained his PhD at the University of Tirana working on ion selective electrodes. Since 1992 he has been doing research as postdoctoral fellow and research professor at Polytechnic Univ. of Budapest, Univ. of Ioanina, Univ. degli Studi di Padua, Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya, Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona and New Mexico State Univ. His research is focused on the integration of biological molecules and other species with micro- and nanostructures with interest for the design of novel (bio)sensors. Prof Merkoçi has been awarded the IAAM Medal 2011 and Nano Award-2013 for outstanding research in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology by the International Association of Advanced Materials. He has published more than 200 articles and supervised around 20 PhD theses.

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Highlighted Publication

Nanopaper as an Optical Sensing Platform
Morales-Narváez E., Golmohammadi H., Naghdi T., Yousefi H., Kostiv U., Horák D., Pourreza N., Merkoçi A. ACS Nano (2015)

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