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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

ICN2 participates in GraphIn 2016 with energy, neuroelectronics and TT novelties

by Àlex Argemí

ICN2 is a regular participant in the GraphIn events series. On December 13 2016 this workshop was held in Barcelona to offer an update of the technology developments and business opportunities in graphene commercialization. The ICN2 Knowledge and Technology Transfer Department had an active role during the event, together with researchers from different ICN2 Groups.

GraphIn 2016 was held in Barcelona on December 13, 2016. This 1 day workshop aims at presenting the current state of the art and the opportunities of graphene-based materials and devices and its industrial challenges and opportunities. The event focuses on the most recent advances in technology developments and business opportunities in graphene commercialization. 

Key representatives of “graphene companies” shared their market vision and business opportunities in diverse current market fields of graphene products and applications, such as energy, bio&health or electronics. The ICN2 Knowledge and Technology Transfer Department was at the event with the institutional booth to represent the research and opportunities created at ICN2.

Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero, Group leader of the ICN2 Novel Energy-Oriented Materials Group, offered a talk about energy storage in graphene. During his presentation he briefly introduced the emergent and growing field of energy storage and the central role graphene and its hybrid derivatives are playing (Abstract). Dr Clement Hebert, Postdoctoral Researcher at the ICN2 Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group, offered an oral presentation about graphene based materials for ultimate neuroelectronics (Abstract). ICREA Prof. Stephan Roche, Group Leader of the ICN2 Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group, was among the event organisators and, together with Jordi Reverter, ICN2 Head of Knowledge and Technology Transfer Department, moderated a round table.

During the session devoted to "Worldwide Initiatives in Graphene and 2D Materials"  the new EUREKA cluster, to be launched under the Spanish Eureka Chairmanship (2016-2017), was announced. This new initiative aims at facilitating the generation of market-driven pan-European collaborative research and innovation projects for the benefit of the graphene & 2D materials industry.