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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Graphene Week brings ICN2 innovation to San Sebastián

by Àlex Argemí

Graphene Week is the Graphene Flagship International Conference. It kicked off on 10 September in San Sebastian. The program includes some ICN2 researchers and their innovations are being exhibited at the Flagship’s booth.

The Graphene Week program organised by the Graphene Flagship includes 30 invited talks and 96 oral presentations across 3 parallel sessions will offer content on Fundamentals, Applications, and Synthesis and Growth. With over 600 attendees it is a signature event where the latest advances based on graphene and 2D materials are showcased. In addition to this robust programme, Graphene Week will host a series of workshops including the Graphene Innovation Forum, Graphene for Human Space Exploration, Women in Graphene and the US-EU International workshop. The event is being held 10-14 September 2018 in San Sebastian.

The ICN2 has a strong role in the event with participants such as ICREA Prof. Stephan Roche, Group Leader of the ICN2 Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group, and ICREA Prof. Arben Merkoçi, Group Leader of the ICN2 Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors Group. The research performed at the ICN2 has also a central role at the Graphene Flagship booth, were the brain-computer interfaces designed by the Group led by ICREA Prof. Jose Antonio Garrido are one of the elements to engage visitors in a discussion about the futures we are shaping with 2D materials.

The Basque Country public TV interviewed some of the attendees and included a mention to the brain-computer interfaces that the ICN2 is developing in the context of the Biomedical Technologies Work Package of the Flagship: