Spin-off Companies

Ahead Therapeutics S.L.

Ahead Therapeutics is a start-up biotech company that uses a proprietary technology to develop treatments for different auto-immune disorders. It has developed an innovative solution based on the use of PS-liposomes containing auto-autoantigens. Through a biomimetic process, these liposomes can induce antigen specific immune tolerance, thereby interrupting the autoimmune reaction.

Autoimmune diseases affect 5-10% of the global population and require chronic palliative treatments, resulting in lower quality of life and huge costs for society. Simply by changing the encapsulated auto-antigen, Ahead’s technology can address the treatment of different auto-immune diseases: Type 1 Diabetes; Multiple Sclerosis; and Celiac Diseases, among others.

Creation year: 2017

Web: http://www.aheadtherapeutics.com/

Involved research groups: Supramolecular NanoChemistry and Materials

ICN2 researchers involved: Mary Cano Sarabia , Daniel Maspoch Comamala