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Sunday, 06 January 2013

La Vanguardia features article on ICN and the Catalan economy

Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia publishes extensive article on ICN and the importance of its Nanotechnology research results for the Catalan industrial sector

La Vanguardia, among the most widely read newspapers in Spain, has featured an article on ICN, Nanotechnology and the Catalan economy ( La Vanguardia, 6 December, 2013). The piece, entitled “Atomos para la empresa catalana” (“Atoms for Catalan companies”), takes a close look at ICN in the context of the Catalan economy. It stresses the growing global market in Nanotechnology-based products in myriad industrial sectors and the opportunities in this area for Catalonia.

In the article, ICN director Pablo Ordejón emphasises ICN’s ever-increasing efforts in Technology Transfer—the process of converting research results into viable commercial products and services. Highlighting some of ICN’s recent commercial initiatives, such as the spin-off Nanotargeting, which is developing a safer form of cisplatin chemotherapy based on nanoparticles, and a recent accord between the Institute, Chemipol and ICREA to develop fungicidal paints, Dr Ordejón underscores the importance of a close working relationship between the Institute and the private sector.

“For us, it’s paramount that we get companies involved in our research, so that they can help us identify the technologies that they need the most...” affirms Ordejón.

“It’s a win-win situation: if companies communicate their challenges to us, then there’s a better chance of creating a technology that the market needs.”

Dr Ordejón also mentions ICN’s gradual incorporation of research groups from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), with which it has been collaborating since 2006. With its expansion, which will enable it to expand its research scope, the Institute  will become ICN2, the largest dedicated Nanoscience and Nanotechnology centre in Spain.

“It’s an important change in many ways, providing complimentary lines of research that we were previously lacking, bringing us all together in a single building, and clearly enabling us to become a more ambitious centre”, states Ordejón.

To access the article, “Atomos para la empresa catalana”, click here.