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Friday, 12 April 2019

The Festival 10alamenos9 brings nanotechnology closer to society

The Festival on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 10alamenos9 (10totheminus9) brings the nanoworld closer to the public, showing in an entertaining and accessible way how nanoscience and nanotechnology have already changed the way we live.

The festival kicked off on 8 April at CosmoCaixa with a series of engaging talks, activities and workshops to disseminate the knowledge generated at the nanoscale and its applications. The activities spread throughout all Spain with events taking place in Madrid, Sevilla, Málaga, Valencia and many other venues.

On 11 April, 200 students came to the UAB Campus to visit the ICN2, the ICMAB, the UAB Faculty of Sciences and the CNM. They had also the opportunity to participate in nanoscience workshops held at each institution. As part of the tour, the students attended a speech on flexible and nano electronics, given by Dr Marta Mas-Torrent, from the ICMAB.

Afterwards, they participated in a round table session entitled “Why study Nanoscience and Nanotechnology?”, conducted by Master and PhD students as well as workers related to the Nanoscience sphere. The speakers explained their experience and answered the questions posed by the students. Having shown different backgrounds and diverse future possibilities, the idea was to tell the students that nanoscience could be found in a variety of career paths.

The 10alamenos9 will end with the 5th meeting of "nanodivulgadores", communication experts specialising in all things nano, on 26 April. Enter the nano with all these exciting activities and look forward to the next edition of the Festival.