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Thursday, 27 February 2020

Second edition of Introduction to Graphene-Based Nanomaterials

The book is co-authored by Prof. Luis E. F. Foa Torres (Universidad de Chile), ICREA Prof. Stephan Roche (ICN2) and Prof. Jean Christophe Charlier (Université catholique de Louvain). After the success of the first edition, the second one is already available.

During the last few years, graphene has been one of the favourite objects of study in the field of nanoscience. Researchers have been discovering new features about it and are still building knowledge around this material. One of the challenges posed by this kind of novel phenomena is that the information available is fragmentary and is dispersed over hundreds of different papers.

Textbooks, on the other hand, offer a systematic approach to a certain topic, and that is exactly what Introduction to Graphene-Based Nanomaterials: From Electronic Structure to Quantum Transport does. The book is co-written by Prof. Luis E. F. Foa Torres (Universidad de Chile), ICREA Prof. Stephan Roche (ICN2’s Group Leader of the Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group) and Prof. Jean Christophe Charlier (Université catholique de Louvain).

The first edition, published in 2014, provided an introduction to the electrical and transport properties of graphene and other 2D materials, describing the most effective theoretical and computational methods for simulating the electronic structure and transport properties of graphene-based systems. This new edition includes extra chapters on more 2D materials, spin related phenomena, etc.

Chapters are complemented with examples and case studies, exercises, appendices and computational codes. Several reviewers of the first edition of the book agreed on its relevance and assured it would become a popular textbook. Prof. K. Alan Shore (Bangor University) conveyed, with a certain sense of humour, that “this is an exceptional contribution to furthering graphene research, development and applications. It is to be hoped that the authors' many colleagues and collaborators will demonstrate their true appreciation of this achievement by ensuring that the growth in the sales of this book are as explosive as that of graphene research.” Taking into account that we are celebrating the second edition of the book, it seems Prof. Alan Shore was not wrong. Congratulations to all the authors!