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Monday, 02 March 2020

ICN2 wins the Ping Pong Masters of Spin against ICMAB

Held at the ICMAB headquarters with the ICN2 table, the tournament pitted Christian Schäfer and Saptam Ganguly (ICN2) against Xavier Rodríguez and Juri Banchewski (ICMAB).

Last Friday 28 February, the Ping Pong Masters of Spin was held, an event to decide which institution, ICMAB or ICN2, hosts the best table tennis players. The event involved the champion and runner-up of each ping pong tournament held at every institution.

The chosen format to determine who the “masters of spin” were was a quadrangular tournament in which the ICN2 representatives (Christian Schäfer and Saptam Ganguly) played individually against each of the ICMAB representatives (Juri Banchewski and Xavier Rodríguez). If there was a draw in the individual matches, a doubles match would resolve the tie.

As the best table to play was from the ICN2, the venue chosen for the game was ICMAB, in order to promote the maximum possible neutrality. However, no independent referees were available, so the players had to trust each other and their own fair play throughout the game.

In the end, it was just an activity to have some fun and gather people both from the ICMAB and the ICN2 to cheer for their teams and enjoy the show. The ICN2 clearly won the competition and all the players ended up celebrating their sportsmanship at the ETSE bar. See you in the next tournament!