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Tuesday, 09 June 2020

New stage in the reactivation of the ICN2

After 4 weeks in which a progressive reactivation of our activity at the ICN2 has taken place, this Monday the ICN2 has started a new stage with some easing measures. Research stays or having meals in the dining room individually are among the new actions permitted. Check all of them in the intranet.

This Monday 8 June has started a new stage of the ICN2 reactivity plan. As the previous contingency measures regarding to social distance in shared spaces (labs, offices, etc.) and other directives will remain applicable, the reactivation plans drafted in the previous stage by each Group, Department or Unit will be automatically extended except those containing changes, which should be reviewed and approved again. 

Some easing measures are applicable to this new stage for the period from 8 to 21 June:

-        Research stays by personnel from other institutions are now allowed if the origin institution authorizes it in written.

-        External staff belonging to Institutions with a signed collaboration agreement (ICMAB, IMB-CNM, etc.) or included in R&D contracts are allowed to access and use research support units and facilities whenever they don’t need technical support.

-        In this new stage, it will become possible to have meals in our dining room as there will be some tables placed in order to ensure social distance but they must be used individually.

Check the Health & Safety campaign to prevent COVID-19 to ensure a safe return. The ICN2 community can also learn about all the internal updates in the intranet page. Please address any question or doubt to covid_contingency@icn2.cat. Stay safe!