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Sunday, 30 May 2021

Interactive Event on Ergonomics organised by the H&S Area

Last Friday, the Health and Safety Area held an event on best ergonomic practices at work, be it in the office, at home or while standing.

On May 28, the ICN2 Health and Safety Area hosted an event dedicated to the ergonomics principles to be followed in the workspace, in particular for desk work. It consisted of demonstrations of how to adapt and optimise your work setting, be it in an office, at home or in a standing position. They also recreated various setups to show how to improve different environments for better ergonomics easily and quickly.

Among the many topics covered were: the correct configuration of the height of the chair and the angle of support for the back; when it is recommended to use a footrest; and the shape the desk or table should have to correctly hold up your arms.

This training was provided by an expert in the field, Albert Castañar, who work for PrevenControl, the third-party prevention service of the ICN2. You can find a presentation on the topics discussed here: Work Instructions.