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Friday, 15 October 2021

SO Outbound Mobility Programme: new awardees and last call

The ICN2 Internationalisation Committee has granted funds to five applicants who will spend a short period (between 7 weeks and 3 months) in an international research centre. Two internal competitive calls (Outbound Mobility and Visiting Scientist) have been reopened, with deadline November 5.

After reviewing the proposals submitted for the Severo Ochoa Outbound Mobility Programme, the ICN2 Internationalisation Committee has decided to grant funds to all five applicants. Pilar Bernícola will spend 2 months and a half in Paris (France), at the Laboratoire Interfaces et Systèmes Electrochimiques of the Sorbonne University; Ivana Cavaliere will work for three months with the Nanomedicines & Translational Drug Delivery Group of the Institute for Research & Innovation in Health (i3S), in Porto (Portugal); Saptam Ganguly will join the Noheda group (Nanostructures of functional oxides) at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), where he will stay for three months; Michal Prokop will spend 7 weeks at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston (USA) in the Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Devices group-Tomás Palacios; finally, Kenedy Tabah, will carry out his research at the Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy Group of the University of Cambridge (UK) for three months.

Interested in following in their footsteps? The ICN2 Internationalisation Committee has decided to extend the final cut-off for two Severo Ochoa Mobility calls (Outbound Mobility and Visiting Scientist), which will remain open to receiving proposals until Friday 5 November 2021. Any remaining funds after this date will be reallocated to other areas of the ICN2’s second Severo Ochoa Programme.


Here below you can find information about the two internal calls:

ICN2-SO Outbound Mobility Programme

The aim of the ICN2-SO Outbound Mobility Programme is to provide financial support to eligible ICN2 researchers hoping to undertake research stays at internationally recognized centres for a minimum of 1 week (7 working days, excluding travel days and attendance of scientific conferences and events during the stay). Eligible costs include travel, accommodation and living expenses up to €3000 per research stay. Co-funding of the research stay will be highly regarded. More information and relevant documents about this call, such as eligibility, application form and evaluation criteria, can be found here

ICN2-SO International Visitor Programme 

The aim of the ICN2-SO International Visitor Programme is to provide financial support to outstanding external researchers who will undertake research stays at ICN2 of between 15 days and 3 months. Up to € 4500 per research stay will be provided by SO Programme. Eligible costs include travel and a per-diem allowance of up to 100€/day for living expenses, including accommodation. Co-funding of the research stay by host groups and origin institutions will be highly regarded in the evaluation of the proposals.  More information and relevant documents about this call, such as eligibility, application form and evaluation criteria, can be found here.

Note that, as the Severo Ochoa programme has entered its final year, proposals submitted must be for projects to be fully executed before the end of June 2022. Proposals will be evaluated by the Severo Ochoa Internationalisation Committee. Please review the evaluation criteria before submitting your proposal.