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Monday, 09 May 2022

Dr Maria Chiara Spadaro is one of the Mothers of Science 2022

The "Mothers of Science" Programme, launched by BIST in 2018, aims to support and recognise the role of women scientists and mothers. Dr Spadaro is one of the ten winners of the third edition.

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) has announced the winners of the third edition of the ‘To the Mothers of Science’ grant: ten outstanding women willing to improve their leadership skills to take a step forward in their careers and become role models for future generations. The grant winners will receive individual coaching sessions and a salary top-up of 400€ per month for one year.

Among the winners is Dr Maria Chiara Spadaro, postdoctoral researcher in the ICN2 Advanced Electron Nanoscopy Group. In her work, Dr Spadaro applies advanced electron nanoscopy techniques to materials science: studies that she complements with 3D atomic models and (S)TEM image simulations to obtain important insights into the nanostructures formation process and their physical/chemical properties. In particular, her interests are focused on nanostructures for energy applications, such as novel materials for photovoltaics and earth-abundant nanomaterials for oxygen evolution reactions.

‘I am honoured to receive this award,’ comments Dr Spadaro, ‘it confirms that I am doing a good job and gives me the strength I need to keep pursuing my goals. I feel extremely lucky for working in such a beautiful environment, where motherhood is not seen as a limitation but, on the contrary, it is encouraged and supported. I will take advantage of the coaching sessions offered by the Programme both for my personal life and to train the next generation of scientists.’

BIST first launched the Mothers of Science Programme in 2018, inspired by the CRG Women Scientists Support Grant (WOSS). The Mothers of Science programme offers grants and coaching sessions to talented BIST women researchers who are also mothers and aims to support them along their way to becoming pioneers in their fields.

The winners of the 2022 edition are: Laura Pascual Reguant (CRG), Anna Seriola (IBEC), Lorena Ruiz Perez (IBEC), Zaida Alvarez Pinto (IBEC), Monica Marro (ICFO), Eugenia Martinez Ferrero (ICIQ), Katherine Villa (ICIQ), Maria Chiara Spadaro (ICN2), Malgorzata Siudek (IFAE) and Carme Cortina (IRB Barcelona).


Image: the Mothers of Science 2022; Dr Maria Chiara Spadaro is the first from the left on the front line. [Credit: BIST]