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Friday, 10 June 2022

ICN2 will host the III Event on Gender Equality of the SOMM alliance

The ICN2 proudly announces that next Friday June 17 the Severo Ochoa - María de Maeztu alliance (SOMMa) will meet at the ICN2 facilities for an open debate around gender issues. The event will include a Keynote speech by Jakob Feldtfos Christensen, Founder and the director of DIVERSIunity, together with a series of parallel discussions around specific topics.

We are glad to announce that, due to the high number of registered attendees, tomorrow's III SOMMa Gender Equality Event will be partially streamed!
Register HERE.

You will be able to access the Plenary Session by Jakob Feldtfos Christensen from Diversiunity. The posterior discussions and final wrap up will not be streamed.


The Severo Ochoa - María de Maeztu alliance (SOMMa) gathers all Severo Ochoa Centres and María de Maeztu Units to promote Spanish Excellence in research and to enhance its social impact at national and international levels. Among its many action lines, gender equality is a challenge tackled in a transversal way through various actions led by the alliance and the involved centres. The Event on Gender Equality has become a central meeting point to exchange experiences and challenges as well as ongoing and future actions. The ICN2 will host the event that will be held on Friday 17 June and starting at 10:00h, with sessions and discussions happening until 16:45h.

The event will start with a keynote speech by Jakob Feldtfos Christensen, Founder and the director of Diversiunity. With a long track record in research management and research support, the speaker founded DIVERSIunity as a tool to give everybody the space to be themselves and bring their perspective to the table. The workshops, consultancy services and courses offered by this initiative aim to give a richer look at the world and research. The speaker’s work is personally based on his experiences as an openly gay man and from working in international research environments and living abroad for long periods of time.

The keynote speech will be followed by three parallel discussion panels covering: The effective communication of gender plans and actions; Using gender plans to effectively improve gender equality; and Mentoring programmes. The event participants are encouraged to actively take part in these discussions, the conclusions of which will be shared by a delegate who will gather the main ideas in a final document. During the wrap-up, the main points raised in the parallel roundtables will be shared, and a final discussion will close the event, hopefully with new action lines and ideas to keep working on increasing equality in research environments and society.

In previous editions of the event the well-known small representation of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics career (STEM) was discussed. This under-representation concentrates particularly in the scientific fields with a higher mathematic load:  geosciences, engineering, economy, maths themselves, computation sciences and physical sciences. The joint effort of the research institutions awarded with the highest excellence recognition conceded in Spain is a promising line of work to make a real change possible.

The new edition of the event has been coordinated, together with SOMMa, by the ICN2 Equal Opportunitties Committee and the ICN2 Strategy Team. If you are interested in attending this in person event with a limited number of available seats, please register HERE.