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Outreach News

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

ICN2 collaborates with Young Students in their Research Work at High School

ICN2 was one of the research centres collaborating in the “Programa de suport a la realització de treballs de recerca d’alumnat de batxillerat en col·laboració amb personal investigador d’entitats de recerca" selected by the students to develop their research work. The program is led by the “Departament d'Ensenyament de la Generalitat·”

Dr. Aitor Mugarza, Atomic Manipulation and Spectroscopy Group Leader at ICN2 and one of the post docs in his group, Sofia de Oliveiras, helped and guided the student in his work. The proposal of the researchers was working on graphene nanostructures synthesis in metallic surfaces.

The student joined the day to day activity of the group working with them at the lab and had the opportunity to see how researchers develop their work and how some unique equipment are essential tools to discover and innovate.

He was tutored by his Physics and Chemistry teacher at school who has ultimate responsibility for monitoring and evaluation of work.  It is also thanks to the teachers involved in the personal interests of their students that research centres like ours can provide models that could stimulate interest in science, research, creativity and application of knowledge to young students.