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Monday, 09 May 2016

Prof Albert Fert reflects on research, innovation and students

In November 2015 Prof Albert Fert visited ICN2. We had the opportunity to interview him and record his ICN2 Manuel Cardona Lecture entitled "Spin-orbitronics, a new direction for spintronics". Interacting with him is a gift for curious minds. Now you can watch on YouTube both his highly specialised talk and a relaxed interview. We hope you enjoy it!

Prof Albert Fert, Emeritus Professor at Université Paris-Sud (France), Scientific Director of Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales (France) and Member of the ICN2 Scientific Advisory Board, visited ICN2 in November 11, 2015. He offered an ICN2 Manuel Cardona Lecture entitled "Spin-orbitronics, a new direction for spintronics", where the latest advances regarding magnetic skyrmions and the Spin-Orbit Coupling were reviewed. The Lecture was presented by Prof Pablo Ordejón, the Director of ICN2.

Watch the full Manuel Cardona Lecture on Youtube

Before the Manuel Cardona Lecture, we had the opportunity to interact with Prof Fert in a more relaxed way. During the following interview he discusses about the impact of research and the exciting opportunities offered by spintronics. He also shares some advice for young researchers.

Watch the interview on Youtube

We thank Prof. Fert his patience and his willingness to communicate his experience.