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Outreach News

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

NANO2ALL improves awareness about nanotechnology

This H2020 European Project offers information and dialogue around the present and future of nanotechnology. Following the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation the project partners want to involve different actors in a constructive discussion. ICN2 collaborates with the project to organize during 2017 one of the dialogue meetings in Barcelona.


Nanotechnology offers promising applications in all possible fields. It also raises social and ethical issues regarding unintended long-term consequences, social and financial risks, issues of governance and control and fundamental issues about life and human identity. For this reason it is necessary to promote a real dialogue among all involved stakeholders following the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation.

Within this context, NANO2ALL aims to put responsible research at the core of its methodology to create a climate of dialogue and engagement. Through different actions it will create insight that will allow researchers and decision-makers to engage with each other, as well as with other stakeholders and channel the feedback of their interaction to identify research concerns and opportunities for innovation.

ICN2 is collaborating through ECSITE with this H2020 European Project. The ICN2 Marketing and Communication Department will organise one of the anticipated dialogue meetings in Barcelona during 2017. The methodology of the event will ensure a dynamic and fruitful interaction among the participants. But you do not have to wait: you can interact with the project right now through the website www.nano2all.eu.