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Thursday, 03 June 2021

Youtuber Anna Morales (@SizeMatters) talks about nanotechnology on “El País” online

The first video of a series dedicated to science dissemination called #SomosFuturo, starred by Anna Morales, aka SizeMatters, has just been released.

Former ICN2 researcher and youtuber Anna Morales, known on social media as SizeMatters, is the first protagonist of a video-series included in the science communication campaign #SomosFuturo (#WeAreFuture), launched by the Spanish newspaper "El País" with the support of Repsol (a Spanish energy company). #SomosFuturo is a project meant to inspire young people and make them protagonists of the future. The challenge is to boost their talent and awaken their passion for scientific knowledge, because, as the campaign claims, “young people are the engine to conquer tomorrow”.

This web series is an exciting journey in 32 video-stages starring outstanding science influencers in Spain. In the first episode, just premiered on “El País” online, nanoscientist Anna Morales explains why today's youngsters have it easier to play tennis, ride a bike or get on a motorcycle than current stars of sport in their early days. The big secret is nanoscience and nanotechnology. The biggest changes in our life come from exploring the smallest things. 

Watch the video here.