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Thursday, 29 September 2022

STEAMConf Barcelona 2022: a new agreement between BIST and STEAM SokoTech

by Virginia Greco

This education and learning-focused event reaches its eighth edition and can now count on the participation of STEAM SokoTech from the Fundació Ciència en Societat.

The eighth edition of the STEAMConf Barcelona will take place on October 13-15, 2022 at the Vèrtex building at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC). This education and learning-focused event will bring together some of the most successful international and local projects promoting learning in science and technology with a humanistic approach.

This year marks a turning point for STEAMConf Barcelona, with a new agreement signed by the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) and STEAM SokoTech from the Fundació Ciència en Societat. The agreement will strengthen collaborations between the learning community and cutting-edge science and technology. The event is organised by BIST, UPC and STEAM SokoTech, in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council –through Barcelona Ciència i Universitats—, and the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Department of Education.

This edition will focus on project-based learning at the boundary of Hands, Mind and Passion, where understanding is learning that goes far beyond “knowing” and occurs in the context of real research through inquiry, testing and reasoning. This approach aims at making the learning process creative, meaningful and inspiring, powered by the ability to transfer and apply it to new and complex situations in a constantly changing environment.

Mariona Cíller, founder and director of STEAMConf Barcelona, explains “Young people face an uncertain future with complex challenges as a result of the legacy left behind by current generations. If we are able to build learning environments now that motivate them to seek out solutions to these challenges, and to ask themselves informed and critical questions using science and technology, then they will have the tools needed in the future.”

The Conference will bring together primary and high school teachers, experts in science education, artists, researchers, and other professionals with an interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning environments.

Find the full programme and register here.


Info via BIST.