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  • Resolving spin currents and spin densities generated by charge-spin interconversion in systems with reduced crystal symmetry

    Camosi L., Světl’ík J., Costache M.V., Savero Torres W., Fernández Aguirre I., Marinova V., Dimitrov D., Gospodinov M., Sierra J.F., Valenzuela S.O. 2D Materials; 9 (3, 035014) 2022. 10.1088/2053-1583/ac6fec.

    The ability to control the generation of spins in arbitrary directions is a long-sought goal in spintronics. Charge to spin interconversion (CSI) phenomena depend strongly on symmetry. Systems with reduced crystal symmetry allow anisotropic CSI with unconventional components, where charge and spin currents and the spin polarization are not mutually perpendicular to each other. Here, we demonstrate experimentally that the CSI in graphene-WTe2 induces spins with components in all three spatial directions. By performing multi-terminal nonlocal spin precession experiments, with specific magnetic fields orientations, we discuss how to disentangle the CSI from the spin Hall and inverse spin galvanic effects. © 2022 IOP Publishing Ltd.