Staff directory María Escudero Escribano

María Escudero Escribano

ICREA Research Professor and Group Leader
NanoElectrocatalysis and Sustainable Chemistry



  • Modeling Anion Poisoning during Oxygen Reduction on Pt Near-Surface Alloys

    Petersen, AS; Jensen, KD; Wan, H; Bagger, A; Chorkendorff, I; Stephens, IEL; Rossmeisl, J; Escudero-Escribano, M Acs Catalysis; 2023. 10.1021/acscatal.2c04808. IF: 12.900

  • Surfactant-Free Colloidal Syntheses of Gold-Based Nanomaterials in Alkaline Water and Mono-alcohol Mixtures

    Quinson, J; Aalling-Frederiksen, O; Dacayan, WL; Bjerregaard, JD; Jensen, KD; Jorgensen, MRV; Kantor, I; Sorensen, DR; Kuhn, LT; Johnson, MS; Escudero-Escribano, M; Simonsen, SB; Jensen, KMO Chemistry Of Materials; 35 (5): 2173 - 2190. 2023. 10.1021/acs.chemmater.3c00090. IF: 8.600


  • Correlations between experiments and simulations for formic acid oxidation

    Bagger, A; Jensen, KD; Rashedi, M; Du, J; Luo, R; Zhang, DM; Pereira, IJ; Escudero-Escribano, M; Arenz, M; Rossmeisl, J Chemical Science; 13 (45): 13409 - 13417. 2022. 10.1039/d2sc05160e. IF: 9.969

  • Pd-Au Nanostructured Electrocatalysts with Tunable Compositions for Formic Acid Oxidation

    Plaza-Mayoral, E; Pereira, IJ; Dalby, KN; Jensen, KD; Chorkendorff, I; Falsig, H; Sebastian-Pascual, P; Escudero-Escribano, M Acs Applied Energy Materials; 5 (9): 10632 - 10644. 2022. 10.1021/acsaem.2c01361. IF: 6.959