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15 December

Topological sound and vibrations

Thursday 15 December 2022, 03:00pm

ICN2 Seminar Room, Campus UAB, Bellaterra, Barcelona


Nanoseminar in Physics

SpeakerProf. Johan Christensen, IMDEA Materials, Madrid, Spain

Abstract: In this talk I briefly review the acoustic and mechanical topological advances from our team and experimental partners. We begin with basic topological confinements in valley-Hall and Chern insulators and extend this direction with non-Hermitian ingredients. Lastly, I will also highlight zero-dimensional corner states and topological defects of confined sonic and vibrational energy.

Introductory talk: "Generation and control of acoustic phonons at the nanoscale” by Dr Guilhem Madiot, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at Phononic and Photonic Nanostructures Group at ICN2 

Hosted by Prof. Clivia M. Sotomayor TorresPhononic and Photonic Nanostructures Group Leader at ICN2.

After the seminar, a coffee service will be available at the room for attendees.